Graham continues to call for Royal Mail to drop “Humberside”

Graham Stuart MP with Ian BeesleyLast week, Graham Stuart MP met with Ian Beesley, Chairman of the Postcode Address File (PAF) Advisory Board, to press the Royal Mail to drop the former county of Humberside as an acceptable county in its database. Graham has been leading the “Humberside Must Go” campaign, urging residents to return all unsolicited mail sent to an address in Humberside or North Humberside.

During the meeting, Mr. Beesley said:

“The board recognises that counties have a deep resonance with the population and they feel that resonance should be reflected in the way that people address correspondence”.

Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart, commented:

“Together we have made a strong case to the PAF Advisory Board against the use of the outdated county information in the Postcode Address File.  The recommendations of the Board will be presented to Royal Mail shortly for consideration. 

“I want to thank the hundreds of people who have joined in the ‘Humberside Must Go’ campaign and returned their wrongly addressed mail using the campaign stickers.  I’m hopeful that Royal Mail will accept the recommendations of the PAF Advisory Board and take this opportunity to rid our envelopes of ‘Humberside’ for good.

“In the interim we need to continue to keep the pressure up and I urge people to go on using their stickers until Royal Mail confirms its position on the recommendations.”

4 Responses to “Graham continues to call for Royal Mail to drop “Humberside””

  1. John D Taylor says:

    Please send me some wrongly addressed junk mail stickers. Good luck with the campaign.

  2. Tony Barker says:

    Graham. You previously promised to send me some stickers but they failed to arrive. Is this because I am not a constituent? I back the campaign whole-heartedly and am amazed it has taken a meeting with Ian Beesley to maybe have some action. The Halifax still cannot cope with deleting North Humberside and prefers instead to pay out compensation to frustrated customers. Stickers, please.

  3. Tony Barker says:

    Daar Graham, thanks for the stickers. Can I suggest you let David Cameron know that Humberside doesn’t exist? Every time he mentioned the Siemens deal or Green Estuary, he refers to Humberside. He needs a geography lesson.

  4. aidan foster says:

    Maybe I’m missing the point, but how is it royal mail’s problem that people use incorrect address? Its not down to royal mail to stop using it its down to the general public, and the senders of the unsolicited mail, surely.

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