Graham’s Campaigns

Graham campaigning with residents of Hornsea to save their Hall

Graham campaigning with residents of Hornsea to save their Hall

Graham has an excellent track record of leading successful campaigns with groups and individuals across the constituency.

Below are Graham’s current campaigns and recent success stories.

If you have a campaign where you think that Graham can help or if you would like to help Graham with a campaign then please contact him on

Success Stories

CAMP - Graham Stuart MP Celebrating win on Caravan Tax with staff at ABI CaravansThe Caravan Tax Campaign – In May 2012 Graham led constituents and other MPs from across the country to secure thousands of names from 64 constituencies on a petition against the introduction of VAT on the sale of static caravans. At the end of May the Government announced that they were to scrap their original proposal in favour of a 5% tax.

Humber Bridge Tolls – MPs from across East Yorkshire joined forces in a long running campaign to reduce the price of the Humber Bridge road toll which was the highest in the country and considered to be damaging to the economy. At the end of March 2012 the Chancellor announced that the toll was to be halved with the Transport Secretary visiting the bridge in April to launch the reduced tariff.

Beverley Southern Relief Road – At the end of 2011 Graham met with the Minister for Transport repeatedly to champion the development of the Beverley Southern Relief Road. Support for the project was announced in December 2011. Construction of the road is to begin in Summer 2013 with the road opening in 2014.

Current Campaigns

Coastal Erosion

Graham is working alongside East Riding of Yorkshire Council to support people who are living under the threat of Coastal Erosion from the North Sea. This work includes campaigning for funding for improvement works to existing sea defences and the management of coastal change where communities are undefended.

On the 20th May Graham submitted a Written Parliamentary Question to Defra to ask the Secretary of State what plans he has for the continuation of support for our coastal communities following the success of the Coastal Change Pathfinder Scheme. The link below will take you to that question and the Ministers response.

Since then Graham has written to the Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government to urge him to include adaptation support in the criteria for the Coastal Communities Fund for 2014.

Flood Insurance Petition

CAMP - Cllr Mike Bryan, Cllr John Dennis, Ron Smith and Les Dimment handing Graham's Flood Petition into No 10 Downing StreetIn March this year Graham launched a petition to urge the Government to negotiate with the Association of British Insurers to find a successor the Statement of Principles to ensure that home flood insurance remains available and affordable.

Councillors Mike Bryan and John Dennis, alongside Flood Forum Representative Ron Smith and local resident Les Diment handed the petition into No. 10 Downing Street at the end of March with over 600 signatures.

This summer the Government signed a Memorandum of  Understanding with The Association of  British Insurers to develop a new scheme called ‘Flood Re’ that will ensure flood insurance remains available and affordable to people living in a property at ‘significant risk’ of flooding.

The Association of British Insurers has said their members will extended the Statement of Principles on a voluntary basis until Flood Re is established.  Graham is monitoring the development of Flood Re as it navigates the legislative process.

More details about Flood Re can be found at 

Rural Fair Share

petitionsGraham is leading the Rural Fair Share campaign to encourage the Government to address the ongoing disparity in funding between rural and urban areas. The campaign will bring together Members of both Houses of Parliament, along with organisations, community groups, and individuals concerned about the welfare of our rural communities.

The Rural Fair Share campaign supports impartial, objective, needs based policy which is equitable to all. It will also help Members of Parliament who represent the countryside to do a better job of making our case about the needs of rural areas

According to a report by the Rural Services Network, rural residents earn less, on average, than those in cities, pay council tax which is £100 higher per head, and see urban areas receive government grants fifty per cent higher per head than those in the countryside. This means people in the country earn less, pay higher council tax and then receive substantially less support for services. Delivering services in sparsely populated rural areas also tends to be more expensive, which can add to the burden.

Graham launched the Rural Fair Share petition, calling on the Government to close the funding gap between rural and urban councils.

The Rural Fair Share campaign’s petition totalled over 19,000 signatories from 119 constituencies. This fantastic response illustrates that people all across the country are united in demanding a fairer deal for our rural communities.

HEART (Holderness Emergency Ambulance Response Times)

HEART petition hand in with logoGraham identified that Ambulance Response times in Holderness are way below the national average. Graham has met with the Chief Executive of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to demand improvements to the level of service.

Graham is working with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, The British Heart Foundation, Community First Responder Teams and Parish Councils to improve the availability of early emergency care in Holderness. This includes the provision of community defibrillation machines and training for residents to use the machines. On Saturday 11th May, Graham held a H.E.A.R.T Conference in Withernsea where over 100 people came along to learn how to do CPR and have a go at using a defibrillator.

In October Graham presented the HEART Petition (calling for better emergency response times in Holderness), signed by over 700 residents, to the chief executive of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.  Since then YAS has confirmed that from January 2014 it will be adjusting staff rotas, re-allocating resources and improving resource management.  This will mean there will be more ambulance team stationed in Beverley and Holderness and that crews will be returned to their stations after they have completed a call, instead of being retained in Hull as has previously happened.

Graham is continuing to monitor the effectiveness of these planned improvements.

Rural Broadband

laptop on strawEast Riding of Yorkshire Council have been awarded Funding from Broadband Delivery UK and the European Reginonal Development Fund to deliver a super fast broadband network across the county.

In September 2012 Graham spoke at a debate in Parliament on broadband in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. During the debate Graham highlighted the desperate need for broadband provision to support rural businesses.

Graham has written to the Parish Councils in his constituency to encourage them to engage with East Riding of Yorkshire Council on a project to improve fixed line broadband services. Graham is also encouraging Parishes to seek their own solution and pool their demand to make them a more attractive prospect for a market led solution.

Humberside Must Go

HSMG sticker templateGraham has met with officials from Royal Mail to request the removal of the word Humberside from its Postcode Address File (a data base that is sold to companies for use as their mailing list).  Despite numerous requested, Royal Mail has taken no action on this matter and residents continue to receive mail addressed to ‘North Humberside’ instead of ‘East Riding of Yorkshire’.

In November Graham launched the ‘Stick it back to Humberside’ campaign, creating stickers for residents to use to return their unwanted, incorrectly addressed junk mail.  If you would like some stickers, please make contact with Graham via email on or telephone 01482 679 687 and he will send some to you via the post.

Since launching this campaign Graham has discovered that the Postcode Address File Advisory Board are consulting on the County information to be included in the Postcode Address File.   Details about that consultation can be found here

Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy

The strategy was published in March 2008 and recommends leaving 1,000 homes in the East Riding unprotected from rising tides and flooding.

In response to this Graham organised a public meeting at the Alexandra Hall, Hedon. The meeting was chaired by Graham where he was joined by Philip Winn, Humber Strategy Manager at the Environment Agency, Ed Davey, Holderness Branch Manager at the National Farmers Union and Councillor Jonathan Owen, Deputy Leader of the East Riding Council.

The drop-in meeting was attended by around 100 local residents who raised a number of views and issues regarding the affect of the proposed strategy. Graham said: “As an unelected body the Environment Agency needs to be scrutinised as closely as possible.

The Environment Agency agreed to review the strategy further and were pleased with the feedback received at the meeting. ” For further information on the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy click this link.

HOTI (Holderness Opposing the Incinerator)

Graham led a successful campaign against a proposal to build a waste incinerator at Salt End. This year Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council undertook a review of their joint waste strategy. The review did not cite the development of an incineration facility but neither did it discount it. The planning consent on the Salt End site remains in place so Graham wrote to the leader of both Councils to reiterate his stance against the incinerator.