Graham Stuart MP pledges action to tackle Ovarian Cancer Postcode Lottery

Graham Stuart pledges support to Target Ovarian Cancer

Graham Stuart pledges support to Target Ovarian Cancer

Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, has signed up to a new campaign to end the ovarian cancer postcode lottery, launched by national charity Target Ovarian Cancer.


Mr Stuart pledged his support for the new campaign in parliament after Target Ovarian Cancer released a new report highlighting the regional differences between survival rates of ovarian cancer, awareness and participation in clinical trials.


Graham said, “Several constituents contacted me movingly with stories about their own experiences of ovarian cancer and I was delighted to attend the Target Ovarian Cancer event.  More needs to be done to ensure that all women with ovarian cancer get the support and care that they need, regardless of where they live.


“I am pleased to have become a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Ovarian Cancer and hope the Group will make progress in pushing this issue up the agenda and delivering better outcomes.”


Annwen Jones, Chief Executive for Target Ovarian Cancer, said: “Whilst cancer doesn’t discriminate by address, this new report clearly shows that women with ovarian cancer are facing a life-altering postcode lottery. Women with ovarian cancer should be able to access the best standards available, no matter where they live in the UK.


“This is why we’re launching The Ovarian Cancer Postcode Lottery report today and calling on all MPs to make sure that women with ovarian cancer are getting access to the best treatment and care possible. We need to stop women needlessly dying because of where they live.


“The most important thing is that women know what to look out for. That is why we need a national awareness campaign so that every woman knows the key symptoms which are having a bloated tummy or tummy pain, needing to wee more often/urgently and always feeling full.”

MP and Police & Crime Commissioner on duty in Withernsea on Saturday 4 July for a special Neighbourhood Policing Street Surgery

Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley & Holderness, will be in Withernsea on Saturday 4 July between 10am and noon, together with Matthew Grove, the Police and Crime Commissioner, to talk to residents about their neighbourhood policing concerns. The MP and Crime Commissioner will be outside Aldi on Queen Street/Station Road between 10am and noon, and no appointment is necessary.


Graham said, “Councillors Arthur Hodgson and Lyn Healing raised with me their concerns about police response times in the town and surrounding area, following several incidents where residents say the Police took too long to arrive. It’s an absolute priority for me to make sure my constituents have confidence that when they make a call to the Police for assistance they know the Police will be quickly on the scene. So I’m pleased that the Police and Crime Commissioner will be in Withernsea with me on Saturday 4 July, together with Councillors Hodgson and Healing, so we can address any worries residents have.”


Councillor Arthur Hodgson said: “The police have said that:

  1. A disturbance that took place outside The Pier has been viewed on CCTV, it lasted 5 minutes, and was between two people, with six others watching but some fourteen people nearby, but only two were fighting.  There have been no reports of assault. After a minute or so, people moved in to break the two of them apart. This took the Police some 30 minutes to attend.


  1. An elderly lady was attacked late at night in the street and investigation is continuing. It is being overseen by a Detective Sergeant and it took twenty two minutes for Police to attend.


  1. An attempted burglary incident that took place six months ago was not a burglary: it was a drunken foreign male trying a door handle.  The Police advice was that it would take one hour and forty minutes to attend.


“These Police response times are far too long. A Town like Withernsea with some 6,000 people and maybe three times that during the summer season needs better policing that this, given that our area is one of the busiest for Police activity.”


Councillor Lyn Healing said: “I want to reassure residents of Withernsea and South East Holderness that we Councillors do take your concerns very seriously and we will work with Graham Stuart MP and the Police to reach a satisfactory outcome.”

Queen’s Speech sends a “powerful message of social justice”

Graham Stuart MP has described the Queen’s Speech as sending a “powerful message of social justice”.

The Government announced a programme to increase job creation, improve public services, extend home ownership and bring the national finances back under control.

Graham said, “The Queen’s Speech builds on the progress made over the last five years and sets the stage for Britain to move to the next stage of the recovery.  People across Beverley and Holderness will be delighted that there will be no increase in personal taxation while working families will benefit from greater access to childcare.

“There is particularly good news when it comes to housing.  Extending the Right to Buy to the tenants of Housing Associations will bring home ownership within the reach of 1.3 million more families.  Councils will be required to sell high-value council houses and put the money into building affordable homes, while 200,000 discounted Starter Homes will be built for young first-time buyers.

“School reform will continue to ensure all schools offer their pupils a high quality education, while the Government will continue increasing spending on our health service, by at least £8 billion a year by 2020, and create a genuinely seven-day NHS.

“There will also be some important constitutional changes to promote basic fairness in our democracy, including ensuring English MPs have a veto over matters only affecting England, as I have called for through my Fair Votes For All campaign, and holding an in-out EU referendum by the end of 2017.

“Together, these measures send a powerful message of social justice and I look forward to working with ministers to deliver these changes – and a better, stronger and fairer Britain.”

Graham Stuart Re-elected

Graham Stuart has been returned to represent the constituency of Beverley and Holderness with a majority of 12,203 over nearest rival Labour.

Hustings in Beverley and Holderness

Friday 17th April 2015: Hustings – North Holderness Churches Together, Hornsea Town Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 28th April 2015: Hustings – Beverley Minster 7.30pm

Wednesday 29th April 2015: Hustings – Withernsea Methodist Church 6pm

Thursday 30th April 2015: Hustings – St Augustine’s Church, Hedon 7.30pm

£6 million to upgrade street lights in East Riding

Graham Stuart MP with Cllr Mike Bryan and Cllr John Dennis

Graham Stuart MP with Cllr Mike Bryan and Cllr John Dennis

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been awarded £6 million from the Department for Transport to replace all 9,000 street lighting columns over 40 years old in East Riding, and will also upgrade the remaining 19,000 yellow/orange lamps to new LED light systems.

Commenting on the announcement today, Graham Stuart MP said, “I’m delighted the Department for Transport has given this money to East Riding to replace street lights and I congratulate the Council for putting forward a strong case for the funding. Read the rest of this entry »

Campaign goes on for better broadband in East Riding

Broadband East Riding - North Newbald March 2015

MPs and Councillors with Bill Murphy from BT in North Newbald

Broadband in East Riding is pretty slow, especially for people living in remote areas. To help improve the service, the Government has given East Riding of Yorkshire Council money to lay new cables so residents can connect to the internet much faster.

Last week, MPs from across East Riding met with top management from BT and the Council and to find out how the project is progressing and what the plans are to connect more properties to faster broadband in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Transport Minister celebrates Hull Trains services


Louise Mandham and Will Dunnett of Hull Trains with Robert Goodwill MP and Graham Stuart MP

Robert Goodwill MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport has personally endorsed Hull Trains efforts to expand its services within the region, as the company recently introduced a new direct service from Beverley to London for the very first time.

Mr Goodwill MP and Graham Stuart, campaigning Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, met with Will Dunnett, Managing Director of Hull Trains and Louise Mendham, Performance and Planning Manager on Thursday 12th March.

The Minister had travelled to Beverley to open the new Beverley Southern Relief Road, but wanted to visit Hull Trains to personally congratulate the company for their work in ensuring that the East Riding benefits from the social and economical opportunities that being directly connected to the capital can bring.

Mr Stuart says: “Hull Trains have always provided an excellent service and so last month I was delighted when the service extended to Beverley, meaning residents no longer have to go to Brough or Hull to get a direct service into London.

“The new extended service also provides an excellent opportunity for a weekend away in Beverley, and for those based in London, this provides the perfect chance to escape to rural East Yorkshire and explore the delights of our beautiful Georgian town.”

Mr Dunnett explains: “The new service is a part of our expansion plans to ensure that this year, the East Riding is connected to the capital like never before. Plus it is one of many steps we are taking to support Hull City of Culture in 2017. The direct service will also play a key part in supporting local tourism and creating opportunities for future business success.”

First Hull Trains runs 90 direct services each week from Hull to London Kings Cross. This year, First Hull Trains marks its 15th anniversary as a successful Open-Access operator that has experienced record growth in passenger numbers.

Commenting on the firm’s growth and commitments to the region, Mr Goodwill MP says: “We are seeing new services like this up and down the country as a result of the innovation and expertise of the train operators, accompanied by huge investment in improved rail infrastructure. These new services are also a testament to the growing popularity and demand for rail travel in this country, which I am very pleased to see.”

The open-access operator also has the support of MPs across the region for its project to electrify the track between Hull and Selby. Mr Dunnett says: “Electrifying the railway will bring considerable benefits to Hull and the towns we serve.”

Hull Trains has also recently secured a three-year extension to its contract to allow it to continue to run its direct services to London Kings Cross until 2019.  The news came on the back of an unprecedented year in 2014 for the rail operator which has simultaneously announced strong growth in passenger numbers and exceptional satisfaction scores from its customers.

Dynamic New Day Care Centre in Hedon

Active Day Care - Hedon

Graham Stuart MP with Cllr Mike Bryan and Cllr John Dennis with staff and members of Active Day Care in Hedon

A new day care centre in Hedon has opened recently to offer energetic and dynamic activities for young adults with learning difficulties.  Active Day Care recognises that younger adults can be bored at day care centres with older or less able members, and so is offering a wide-range of lively activities to inspire and encourage younger people.

On Friday, Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness called into the centre to hear more about how it’s transforming the lives of young adults with learning difficulties Read the rest of this entry »

Dairy Farmers struggling as milk prices fall below cost of production

Milking - Graham with Judith WaringThe cost of producing a litre of milk is around 30 pence, yet farmers are receiving as little as 20 pence per litre at the farm gate.  The reason for the falling price of milk is because supply is currently outstripping demand due to a lower than expected demand from China and Russia’s current ban on EU dairy imports. Intense competition from supermarket chains has also played its part.

Last week, Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness visited a dairy farmer in Cherry Burton to hear more about the issues the industry is facing. Read the rest of this entry »