MP for Beverley and Holderness Graham Stuart, Conservative MP for Beverley & Holderness

Graham delighted Dong to cease drilling overnight off Withernsea

The InnovationGraham Stuart, MP for Beverley & Holderness, who has been campaigning with Withernsea residents to persuade Dong Energy to stop offshore drilling during the night for the Westermost Rough wind farm is delighted that following action by East Riding of Yorkshire Council drilling overnight is to stop.

Graham said:

“Congratulations to everyone who has worked with me to get this result – special thanks to Councillors Hough, Hodgson and Cracknell who’ve done so much in and around Withernsea, to the Holderness Gazette who raised the issue prominently each week, and to my constituents who’ve been relentless in making sure the Council, the Marine Management Organisation and Dong were told every time they had their night’s sleep disturbed.  Special praise to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for pursuing this issue and for being responsible for bringing about an end to night-time drilling.  It’s been a team effort and I hope that from now on everyone in the Withernsea area will sleep well.”

Councillor Kevan Hough said: “My wife and I had disturbed sleep over many nights.  The first time the house shook I was very concerned and thought we had a serious plumbing problem.  I know from speaking to Withernsea residents, some of whom are elderly and ill, that many people were frightened by the noise and vibration from Dong’s drilling and so I am very pleased that Withernsea residents can look forward to sleeping well from now on. 

“Our MP Graham Stuart’s response when I told him this was happening was immediate and forceful.  He got Dong to put monitoring equipment into people’s homes, including mine, he set up a Facebook campaigning page where people could come together as a community to share their experiences, he came down to Withernsea to meet residents who were affected, and kept the pressure on the Council, the Marine Management Organisation and Dong until the right decision was reached.  As an East Riding of Yorkshire Council Ward Councillor for Withernsea I am pleased with the way the Council officers have handled this issue.” 

Mr E Wilson from Seathorne in Withernsea said: “With the drilling during the night we had no quality of life.  Our sleep patterns were disrupted.  I am ill and did not trust myself to drive in the mornings after I hadn’t been able to sleep.  Dong’s drilling at night ruined our lives and so we are elated at the decision to stop drilling when we’re trying to sleep.  We are so pleased that in the end our MP was able to make sure the organisations listened to us.”

May 6th, 2014


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