MP for Beverley and Holderness Graham Stuart, Conservative MP for Beverley & Holderness

Graham says Withernsea blood clinic must meet demand

Beverley and Holderness MP, Graham Stuart, says that the CCG must take responsibility to ensure adequate care for local patients at the blood clinic in Withernsea Community Hospital.

Along with Councillor Lyn Healing, Graham is putting pressure on the CCG to review the number of blood test appointments being offered to patients, which was reduced on 1 March 2018. In the days since, both Graham and Cllr Healing have received a number of complaints from patients worried by the waiting times for an appointment under the new system.

One patient was told that they would have to wait at least three weeks for a blood test, while another said they would not get their results for a full 8 or 9 weeks. Upon hearing of residents’ concerns, Graham wrote immediately to Jane Hawkard, Chief Officer of the CCG, to ask what they are doing to ensure fast and reliable blood tests to patients in Withernsea and the surrounding area.

Graham said: “I’m worried by reports of long waiting times after the City Health Care Partnership, who administer services in Withernsea on the CCG’s behalf, chose to reduce the number of blood clinic appointments at the Community Hospital. Even in these early days, the reports of a deteriorating service are extremely concerning and are likely to only worsen if not addressed.

“It is vital that the CCG recognise their duty of care to local patients by meeting demand for blood tests, and that’s why I’ve written immediately to Jane Hawkard saying that the current state of affairs is not acceptable. If the problems continue, I believe the CCG have little choice but to reinstate the longer opening times and increase the number of appointments to ensure that patients have the services they deserve.”

Cllr Lyn Healing said: “Having heard directly from residents in Withernsea that the reduced services are becoming a real problem, I contacted Graham to see what could be done about it. Both the City Health Care Partnership and the CCG tried to reassure us that there was no issue – but that is not what I have been experiencing at a local level. People in Withernsea are concerned, and I’ll keep working with Graham to get back regular, reliable blood tests for patients.”

Withernsea resident, Andrea Turner said: “With residents having to wait four weeks for a blood test, in addition to the time spent waiting for the results to be processed and then to get a GP appointment, patients could be waiting for up to two months to get their results.

“This is clearly unacceptable, and that’s why I contacted Graham to see if anything could be done. I am glad that he is now taking up the issue with the CCG, because people cannot afford to be waiting so long for these important test results.”

March 8th, 2018


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