MP for Beverley and Holderness Graham Stuart, Conservative MP for Beverley & Holderness


Last Friday I convened a crunch meeting with the CCG to talk about Withernsea residents’ concerns over the operation of the new 8 to 8 Treatment Centre in Withernsea. Your extremely active Councillors Lyn Healing and Dave Tucker and I have all received complaints about the service and this was the opportunity for us to speak directly to the health bosses.

We made it plain to the CCG that Withernsea residents have not been happy with the way the service is working – that many people feel they are not being offered the opportunity for an appointment there and are being told to go to Beverley Urgent Treatment Centre. The CCG says it has reviewed every individual complaint it’s received to see what they can learn, and that improvements have been made to the 111 service so if it’s right for someone to be referred to the 8 to 8 Centre then they are.

Jane Hawkard, the CCG boss, was clear that the 8 to 8 Centre is here for the long-term and the Community Healthcare Partnership who deliver the service on behalf of the CCG told us they are determined to make a success of it. As well as the 111 service now having better visibility of the 8 to 8 Centre, the wound clinic has been improved, home visits are made when appropriate, and there are 12 bookable appointments per day at the 8 to 8 Centre.

The Councillors and I were disappointed that the CCG were not able to provide the figures yet of the number of patients seen by the 8 to 8 centre. We have to wait for August when the first set of numbers will be released. We will be scrutinising them thoroughly as soon as they’re available.

Photo (left to right) back row: Cllr Lyn Healing, Carol Wauby (CHCP), Cllr Dave Tucker, Tracey Craggs (CCG), Mark Lease (YAS), Paul Wray (CHCP). Front row: Graham Stuart MP and Jane Hawkard, Chief Executive of the CCG.

June 19th, 2018


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