MP for Beverley and Holderness Graham Stuart, Conservative MP for Beverley & Holderness

CCG should recognise 8 to 8 Centre in Withernsea is a failure says town’s MP

Withernsea’s MP, Graham Stuart, along with Councillors Lyn Healing, Dave Tucker and Jackie Cracknell have been keeping up the pressure on the Clinical Commissioning Group to raise the performance of the 8 to 8 Treatment Centre in the town.

Graham said “It was hoped that the opening in April this year of an 8 to 8 Centre in Withernsea would provide some compensation for the loss of the Minor Injuries Unit but it hasn’t worked and local people are not getting the service they deserve.
“The 8 to 8 Centre has now been in operation for seven months and it’s disappointing that it’s still not up to scratch. Councillors and I met with health bosses in June, made repeated representations to the CCG, both before and after that meeting, and yet little if anything seems to have improved.

“Reports continue of an entirely inconsistent referrals system, calls being answered late, if at all and, instead of the CCG providing care close to patients’ homes, patients endure long trips, inconvenience and discomfort. Some patients give up and don’t bother being seen at all.
Geography alone proves that Withernsea and the surrounding villages have a proven need for a local minor injuries service. I was determined to see the 8 to 8 Centre thrive in the long-term and become an integral and well-used service for my constituents. The Councillors and I worked hard with the CCG to make this happen; but it just hasn’t worked.
The CCG has had ample time to iron out the problems, and enough is enough. I think the time has come for the CCG to recognise the 8 to 8 Centre in Withernsea is a failure. I’ve said as much to the CCG boss, Jane Hawkard. I’ve requested she consider my proposal that a full-time nurse is recruited, to be based at the hospital, to look after walk-in patients with minor injuries and minor illnesses. Just because South West Holderness is on the coast and so has a relatively small catchment area does not mean it can be abandoned with residents told to make the long, difficult and, in some cases, impossible journeys to the nearest Urgent Treatment Centres based in Hull or Beverley.

Councillor Lyn Healing said: “I am really disappointed that the CCG is letting down the residents of Withernsea and surrounding area. We deserve decent minor injuries care in South West Holderness, just like everyone else in the country. I support Graham’s call to the CCG for a full-time nurse to be based in the town to take care of walk-in minor ailments.”

Rodger Read, Chairman of the Withernsea and District Health Forum commented: “We are being told continually by the CCG that services are improving. That may well be the case for people close to the nearest Urgent Care Centres in Beverley or Bransholme, but both those services may as well be on the moon for many people in the Withernsea and surrounding areas who have no transport of their own and no access to a direct bus service. The Withernsea and District Health Forum want to see local services in Withernsea, close to people’s homes.”

Guy Moxon, of Welwick, said:

“I took a member of my staff to Withernsea Hospital recently with what we hoped was a minor head wound, hoping it could be looked at, and that my mind and that of my staff member could be put to rest that there was nothing we needed to worry about. We were astonished and disappointed to be told we couldn’t be seen without an appointment. We rang 111 from the hospital and were told to go to HRI as Withernsea was “not on their list”. We were about to leave, shaking our heads in disbelief at the system when a nurse popped her head out the door and said she’d take a look. She quickly cleaned up the wound and confirmed that we didn’t need to go and block up A&E at the HRI. The 8 to 8 Centre clearly doesn’t work, and it’s equally clear that the town needs to have a walk-in minor injuries service.”

Nov 19th, 2018