MP for Beverley and Holderness Graham Stuart, Conservative MP for Beverley & Holderness

Graham Stuart MP to host roundtable discussion on how to improve cardiac survival rates in East Yorkshire

On Friday 16th November Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart is hosting a roundtable discussion with leading health professionals. Graham and the CADEY committee members will be focusing on how cardiac survival rates in East Yorkshire can be improved. 

The meeting is part of Graham’s ‘CADEY’ parliamentary campaign and will focus on three stages of cardiac arrest: heart attack, hospital care and rehabilitation. Attendees include Yorkshire Ambulance Service, local NHS services, East Riding of Yorkshire Council public health and a specialist cardiac doctor. 

Graham Stuart MP commented: “I am looking forward to chairing the CADEY campaign’s upcoming roundtable and to hearing the opinions of leading local cardiac professionals. It will be an excellent opportunity for us as a committee to discuss and learn from those whose work centre on increasing cardiac arrest survival rates and saving lives. 

“To further understand how CADEY can help East Yorkshire have further success stories such as local survivor and Beverley resident Willie McCutcheon we need to understand all of the processes a patient experiences from the moment a cardiac arrest happens to the point the patient is recovered. 

“Whilst CADEY is committed to achieving total coverage of defibrillators, we as a committee recognise that cardiac survival rates are not solely improved by those devices alone. There are many other processes which greatly affect chances of survival; such as the patients’ experience in hospital and what aftercare they receive from the hospital and other local rehabilitation services. 

“A heart attack and its effects are fixed by more than heart bypasses. It is a long process of retraining the body, rethinking your diet and improving your general health. I am sure that the excellent professionals we have attending will be able to advise the CADEY team on how we should move forward and how we can ultimately help improve cardiac arrest survival rates in East Yorkshire”.

  • CADEY ‘Community Access Defibrillators for East Yorkshire’: Is a Parliamentary campaign of Graham Stuart MP and whose aim is “Saving lives by achieving full coverage, accessibility and awareness of defibrillators throughout the communities of Beverley and Holderness”.

Nov 13th, 2018