<!--MP for Beverley and Holderness--> Graham Stuart, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Beverley & Holderness


Team Graham is a group of people who think that Graham Stuart has done a great job in standing up for Beverley & Holderness, and getting things done for us. We welcome Graham’s hard work and commitment to our community, and we want to make sure he is able to continue doing a great job for us in Parliament and locally.

If you want to see Graham continue as our Member of Parliament then please help us do something positive to make it happen. It doesn’t need to cost anything to join Team Graham and you don’t have to become a member of the Conservative Party. The only thing we ask is that you do something to help us re-elect Graham to Parliament.

That can be as simple as pledging to vote for him, putting up a poster, or delivering one hundred leaflets to help with Graham’s campaign. (But if you’d like to donate to Graham’s fighting fund you can press the Donate button now.)

By becoming part of Team Graham, you can play your part in making sure Beverley and Holderness continues to get the great representation it deserves. So join Team Graham today and help ensure we keep a great MP.

Vote for Graham at the next electionPut up a poster for Graham at the next electionDeliver 100 leaflets on a route of my choice for GrahamGet more involved with Graham’s campaign

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