Community Champions

As your Member of Parliament, I’m here to represent everyone in the community in any way I can, no matter who you vote for.  


As part of my job, I have the opportunity to speak to some amazing people who do incredible things for their communities.  


Too often their contribution to our lives goes unnoticed.  


That’s why I’m launching my Community Champions.   


I want to celebrate the work done by people in the community. And I want to ask you for your help in finding them.   


Only the other day, I was told about Ali Tekce, the owner of Chamas Rodizio Bar and Grill in Beverley who has helped raise over £17,000 for relief for victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey.   


Or Jayne Nendick, who does incredible work with the most vulnerable members of our community in Withernsea from the SHoRes Centre.  


Or Leon Myers, head of Swinemoor Primary School, which has improved beyond measure in recent years and is giving the best possible start in life to our kids in Swinemoor.  


Or John Duggleby, who has been recognised by the National Farmers Union for his work in furthering the cause of our farming community.  


But I know there are many, many more.   


So fill in my survey to let me know who your Community Champion is, and I can’t wait to share some of their stories with all of you.  



Community Champions

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