East Riding Transport Fund

How would you spend £168 million on transport in your area?

That's the question Graham is asking, now that the Government has made £168,269,000 available to spend from 2025 to 2032 in the East Riding.

As your MP, Graham will be consulted on the Council's plans and he wants to make sure the money is spent on projects that will make a difference to your lives.

What might those projects be? Let Graham know in the short survey below.

Local Transport Fund

  • Current What transport projects would make the biggest impact in your area?
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What type of transport project would you like to see get a share of the Local Transport Fund?

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Getting Us Around

Everyone should be able to get from A to B quickly and safely. 

That's why Graham works hard to make sure we all have the transport links we deserve - whether that's with trains, roads or buses.


Graham Fighting for Middleton Bypass

Graham attended a meeting in Middleton about resurrecting plans for a bypass. 


Graham attended the meeting following discussions with Beverley Rural councillor Jeremy Wilcock (Lib Dem) about how the transformational £168 million Local Transport Fund could be spent.