Keep England Springs Rail Crossing Open

The Rail Crossing at England Springs has been closed. Let me know your views on this vital crossing for the people of Woodmansey and Beverley. Let me know how you use the crossing, and whether you can make a public meeting to make your views heard.

Public Meeting 4th February

Where: Long Lane side of England Springs crossing.

When: Saturday 4th February, 9:30am

Why: To make clear how important the England Springs Crossing is to you, and to show Network Rail that they must re-open it.

England Springs Rail Crossing

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Do you use the England Spring Rail Crossing?
Are you concerned about safety on the crossing?
How long does the crossing being closed add to your journey?
Would you support a quick solution, such as traffic lights?
What do you use the crossing for?
Were you consulted on the closure?
Will you be able to attend a public meeting at the crossing on the morning of Saturday 4th February?