Telegraph Poles

We all deserve access to fast, reasonably priced broadband – and competition is the best way to achieve that. 

But it’s not right for telegraph poles to go up in places that are wrong for a local community – be it a private road, a front garden or a conservation area.

That’s why I’m working with the Council to make sure that broadband poles are erected with the support of local communities, in places where they don’t disrupt peoples’ right to a quiet and peaceful life.

I'll be working with MS3, Connexin and KCOM to make sure that these companies work together, as required by regulations, to make sure that we all have access to the best possible broadband.

And I'm working with the Government to make sure these regulations are enforced properly, with the Council given any necessary powers to enforce it.

What I've Done

What's next?

  • I'll work with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to make sure it gets the support it needs to put residents first.
  • I'll continue to push the Government to end permitted development where telegraph poles or underground exist.


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Telegraph Poles in Beverley

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Strengthening our Communities

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Graham Demands Broadband Charter for East Riding 

Graham has pressed Cllr Anne Handley, Leader of East Riding Council, to sign up to a Voluntary Best Practice Charter with KCOM, Connexin and MS3. 


This comes following months of unease with broadband poles being erected by MS3 and Connexin under permitted development. 

Graham to press Digital Infrastructure Minister on Telegraph Poles 

Graham will press Julia Lopez MP in person on 25 March about the serious issue of telegraph poles in Hedon, Preston and Beverley. The poles are being erected in residential areas by internet challenger companies to bring broadband competition to communities presently served solely by KCOM. 

Graham welcomes Hedon poles campaigners to Parliament

Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, yesterday (8th November 2023) welcomed campaigners from Hedon to Parliament to discuss next steps in their campaign to rid Hedon of the scourge of MS3’s telegraph poles, designed to deliver low-cost, high-speed broadband to the town.