Delivering A Better Withernsea

We can all agree that Withernsea deserves better; it’s a town full of amazing people with the most incredible spirit. That’s why I’m working with your ward councillors, Lyn Healing, Sean McMaster and Claire Holmes, to make Withernsea the best place it can be.


A More Connected Withernsea


I want to make Withernsea more accessible to and from the surrounding towns and villages. A key part of this will be shorter and more frequent bus journeys to and from Withernsea to increase the number of jobs accessible to local people and make it easier for tourists to enjoy all the town has to offer.

What I’ve Done

Met with Colin Walker, Cllr Lyn Healing, Cllr Sean McMaster and Cllr Nigel Wilkinson to discuss ways to improve bus connections between Withernsea and other towns and villages in the area.

Welcomed the Council’s plans to expand three existing routes: doubling the frequency of the 243 between Beverley and Withernsea; introducing a Sunday service for the 71 bus between Withernsea and Easington; and funding the 72 community service connecting Withernsea and Burton Pidsea.

Improved the 75 bus timetable so it now runs once an hour (previously once every two hours) in the evenings between Hull, Hedon and Withernsea.

Made the case to the Council for the introduction of a Saturday service between Beverley and Withernsea.

What I'll do next

Continue to work with ERYC and East Yorkshire Buses to make the case for improved weekend bus services to help local people get to work, the shops and their family more easily.


A Healthier Withernsea

HealthierWhether it be at my Street Surgeries or in my inbox, I hear regularly that you want your medical appointments to be in Withernsea, not a 2 hour bus journey away in Hull. I will continue to work with Holderness Health and local NHS providers to bring more appointments to you.

What I’ve Done

Welcomed the news that more than 3000 people from the Withernsea area are being invited to attend a lung health check from November 2023.

Raised concerns about the under-utilisation of the X-Ray department at Withernsea Community Hospital with the local NHS Board and asked for a plan to be put in place to ensure this equipment can be used on a more frequent basis.

Pushed for plans to increase the use of the dental service at Withernsea Community Hospital.

Asked for plans to be put in place to use the under-utilised rooms in the hospital for virtual consultations, reducing the need for people in Withernsea to make the two hour bus journey to Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital, making a huge difference to them.

What I'll do next

Hold regular meetings with senior representatives of the local NHS board and SE Holderness ward councillors to ensure plans are in place to improve the three areas I have raised.

Visit the Lung Health Check Centre in Withernsea to see first hand the importance of an early diagnosis.

Meet Dame Andrea Leadsom, Minister for Primary Care, to discuss ways to increase the number of dental appointments in Withernsea.


A Withernsea We Can Be Proud Of


Withernsea has an incredible community spirit, and I want to harness that so that the pride of the town is visible for all to see. This can take many forms, including building on the wonderful flower displays created by the dedicated Town Councillors, and ensuring that everyone plays their part to keep the town tidy.  

What I’ve Done

Chaired a meeting of the Withernsea Flower Group to discuss ways for different groups in the town to work together so that more of Withernsea blooms.

Held discussions with the Council about solutions to addressing fly tipping in the town.


What I'll do next

Continue to work with Withernsea Town Council, Withernsea High School and local people to increase the number of wonderful flower displays across the town.

Promote convenient and affordable ways for you to keep our town tidy.


Withernsea Is Open For Business

Open for Business

Withernsea is home to some amazing businesses and natural wonders, and I want to ensure that everyone across the East Riding has a chance to experience them.


What I’ve Done


Promoted the wide range of specialist mentoring and funding available to local businesses to help them grow and thrive.

Celebrated fantastic shops in Withernsea as part of my Beverley and Holderness Independent Shops Awards.


What I'll do next

Give an assembly at Withernsea High School to build on the high quality career guidance they are receiving to help them achieve their ambitions.

Promote the wonderful Spurn Point so everyone can see this amazing natural wonder.




Strengthening our Communities

Our communities in Beverley and Holderness are special.

That's why Graham does all he can to get them the funding they deserve, to give them the voice they need and celebrate their achievements.

Delivering A Better Withernsea

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Graham’s 75 Bus Timetable Improvement Starts Today

Starting today, the 75 bus will run once an hour between Hull, Hedon and Withernsea after 5.30pm. This is a great improvement as before today the bus ran just once every two hours in the evening. 

Graham says, “Get yourself checked!”

Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness, is encouraging the 3000 people in Withernsea who are being offered a free lung health check to attend their appointment.  

Graham visits Withernsea’s favourite shops 

Following his successful Beverley and Holderness’s Favourite Independent Shop awards, Graham has visited the nominated shops in Withernsea to deliver stickers for the shops to display in their windows.