Campaign Responses

Graham receives many campaign emails from residents concerned about national issues. They are similar in content and so he publishes his responses on this website so you can see his position on each of them. You may also like to take a look at the relevant Government department’s website, where there is far more information on the many issues raised. You can find them here:

Graham aims to have his response to a new campaign up on the website within a week of receiving the first one.

If you are a resident and cannot see Graham’s reply to a campaign email you sent over a week ago, please let him know by writing to

Please click on the relevant link below to view Graham’s response.

Ocean Protection

Thank you for contacting me about ocean protection.

The UK is a global leader in protecting our seas, the ocean and marine life, working with counterparts both in the UK and overseas.

Draught Relief for Beer and Cider

Thank you for contacting me about draught relief for beer and cider served in pubs. I am aware of the campaign on this issue.

I have ensured colleagues in the Treasury are aware of the concerns you have raised ahead of the Budget.

Fox Hunting and the Hunting Act

Thank you for contacting me about the Hunting Act 2004.

This is a highly emotive issue and I appreciate the depth of concerns for the welfare of our animals and wildlife.

Energy Charter Treaty

Thank you for contacting me about the Energy Charter Treaty.

I am aware that in September 2023, the Government announced that the UK would review its membership of the Energy Charter Treaty.