CADEY – Community Access Defibrillators for East Yorkshire


Graham wants to see publicly-accessible defibrillators in every community in Beverley and Holderness, with as many people as possible trained in how to use one and everybody knowing where they are.  His CADEY campaign brings together the emergency services, local fundraisers, and medical charities with a view to making the local area a template for the rest of the country to follow.

With the help of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, in 2018 Graham identified 60 communities across the constituency that still did not possess one of these potentially life-saving devices – by mid 2021 we’re down to 22. Filling in these ‘black spots’ is one of Graham’s top priorities, and he’s urging those without one to contact his office. Here is a list of communities Graham thinks still need to get a defibrillator:

CADEY committee - Nick Middleton, Paul Downey, Dr Andrew Milner, Warren Bostock, Jordan Moor.

Evidence has shown that, for every minute that defibrillation is delayed, a patient’s survival chances drop by up to 10%. While First Responders and ambulance crews do their best, there is clear data showing that those suffering from sudden cardiac arrests have the best survival chances if they are attended to immediately by a member of the public with a defibrillator while they await the arrival of the emergency services.

The CADEY campaign highlights how shockingly simple it is to save a life. A few years ago Graham cycled around Holderness, visiting rural villages to find out if they had their own defibrillator and where it was located.

Since then, many communities have taken Graham up on his challenge and now have life-saving defibrillators ready to save lives. Graham is encouraging the parishes that don’t have a defibrillator yet to begin a project to get one installed.

Graham has produced a basic ‘How To’ guide on getting a defibrillator for your village and the Community Heartbeat Trust have made a recommendation on the best type of defibrillator to get here.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service provides a map, regularly updated, which shows where defibrillators are and, just as importantly, where there isn’t one yet. You can view the map here.

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Half-a-dozen lifesaving devices to be donated across Beverley & Holderness

Beverley and Holderness MP, Graham Stuart, has paid thanks to px Group and HFR Solutions after it was announced that they would donate six defibrillators to Graham’s CADEY (Community Access Defibrillators for East Yorkshire) campaign for blanket defibrillator coverage across his constituency.

Graham Stuart MP welcomes more defibs being rolled out to save lives

Graham Stuart MP, Chair of CADEY, met with CADEY committee members Nick Middleton (HEY Smile Foundation), Nicola Waudby (Humber Aid), and Warren Bostock and Jo Watson (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) to congratulate them on their hard work and inroads into covering all communities in Beverley and Ho